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NFT Aggregator Platform development Services

The Web3 space has been growing at a tremendous rate thanks to its widespread adoption among new-generation consumers. Most of Web3 consists of NFTs, which are present across marketplaces, which often makes it challenging for enthusiasts to acquire NFTs. The solution? NFT aggregator platforms emerged to serve as hubs for making purchasing decisions.

Chaincella, as a leading NFT aggregator platform development company, works to launch sophisticated NFT aggregation software for clients. We ensure to incorporate all new-age features using new-gen technologies that make these platforms stand out from the rest. Contact our professionals to know more!

Features of an NFT Aggregator Platform

Profiles for Users

The aggregator platform will have the option to create and manage user profiles from where they can access dashboards revealing various statistical information.

Personalized Suggestions

Our NFT aggregator platform development services ensure that there are provisions to suggest NFT products to users based on personalization mechanisms.

A Central Hub

The NFT aggregator platform will work as a one-stop hub to avail all NFT collections whose prices can be checked and purchases can be made in bulk.

Filtering Option

Advanced filtering option in the application enables users to find NFTs that match their preferences easily without the need to navigate across the platform.

Price Separation

Users can analyze various costs involved in purchasing an NFT item from any marketplace, including gas, transaction fees, minting fees, and creator royalties.

Built-in Web3 Wallet

An integrated Web3 wallet allows users to hold and transact NFTs and cryptos seamlessly, even allowing bulk purchasing of NFT products in a single transaction.

Advanced Features of the NFT Aggregator Marketplace

Lazy Minting

This feature allows sellers to save costs incurred on gas by making buyers mint the NFT item, making them pay the gas costs along with the actual NFT price.

Multi-chain Functionality

The NFT aggregator marketplace can be made to work seamlessly across multiple blockchain networks, thereby expanding the number of marketplaces covered by it.

External App Integration

The platform’s ability to work easily with external apps for analytics and communication eases business owners to offer extensive services to their users.

Royalty Commissions

The aggregator platform allows NFT creators to set royalties for their creative works as a percentage of the transaction value fetched during secondary sales.

Smart Contracts

This application makes maximum use of smart contracts where transactions based on predefined conditions execute safely powered by blockchains’ security elements.

Payment Gateways

The presence of multiple payment gateways to process NFT purchases, including a myriad of crypto and fiat options, allows the platform to be accessed by more users.

Various Marketplace Models
in NFT Aggregator Platform Development


An NFT aggregator platform for artworks allows artworks found across all platforms to be displayed for sale, allowing creators to reap the benefits of Web3.


The NFT aggregator for music allows musicians to digitize their creations on the blockchain, thus safeguarding themselves from losses incurred by piracy.


Sports teams and leagues can tokenize collectibles, including trading cards, video clips, and memorabilia, to create closer bonds with their fan communities.


P2E NFT games can benefit immensely from these aggregators as users can trade in-game assets such as avatars, weapons, vehicles, land, and equipment seamlessly.

Real Estate

The application can benefit the real estate industry by enabling the sales of physical and virtual estate assets powered by the security of blockchain technology.


A Web3 domain NFT-selling aggregator can be helpful for creating and trading domain names for blockchains across the Web3 ecosystem in a highly secure manner.

Benefits of Our NFT Aggregator Platform

An NFT aggregator platform offers its customers a lot of data on NFT collections divided according to various elements that can be tapped on the go.
Apart from serving as analytic data providers, these platforms permit users to purchase multiple NFTs in a single transaction, saving gas expenses for buyers.
The sophisticated search engine in the platform enables users to find NFTs from metadata and natural language searches, reducing time spent on navigation.
Most NFT aggregator applications are user-friendly, irrespective of their level of knowledge in the Web3 space, enabling everyone to use them without hesitation.

The Working of an NFT Aggregator Marketplace

How Much Does It Cost to Launch an NFT Aggregator Platform?

It might be daunting to you to think of the cost of building an NFT aggregator platform. With Chaincella, you never need to worry, as our experts can create innovative platforms at affordable prices while ensuring that all features you’ve asked for are fulfilled without fail.


What can We Do for You?

Chaincella, as a seasoned NFT aggregator marketplace development company, offers world-class services for its customers worldwide. Our solutions can help you achieve the long-time business goals you had set up in your mind with seamless features and robust functionality. Our experts can help you by providing insights and creating an action plan for sculpting your new NFT marketplace aggregator. You can choose us for the following reasons:

  • Proficiency in Blockchain Technology.
  • Seasoned Campaigners for End-to-End Development.
  • Transparency in Development Processes.
  • Anytime Support.
  • Assistance with Promotions.
  • State-of-the-art Technical Stacks.
  • Extremely Secure Software.
  • Easy Accessibility.
  • High Scalability.
  • On-time Delivery.
  • Economical Pricing.


How can I Launch an NFT Aggregator Platform?


You can launch an NFT aggregator platform with the help of expert providers at Chaincella, who can assist you with their end-to-end development prowess.

How Much Time Do You Need to Develop an NFT Aggregation Platform?


The time required to develop an NFT aggregation platform depends on your preferences on features and technologies to be used, which our experts can outline for you.

Why Should I Invest In NFT Aggregator Platform Development?


You should consider investing in NFT aggregator platform development since the model is seen as a profit generator with a scope of becoming a mainstay in Web3.

Why is it Valuable to have an NFT Aggregator Marketplace as a Business?


It is valuable to have an NFT aggregator marketplace as a business since the platform could serve as a gateway to the NFT space, attracting numerous new users.